Hon. Poasi M. Tei launched Tonga’s National Spectrum Plan 2021, by Declaration.

Hon. Poasi M. Tei Approved the Declaration of Tonga’s National Spectrum Plan 2021.

September 7th, 2021. Hon. Poasi M. Tei, Minister for Communications (MEIDECC) today launched Tonga’s National Spectrum Plan 2021 under the Communications Act 2015 and Communications Radio Spectrum Rules 2019.

Hon. Tei is pleased with the plan in place by the efforts of the Ministry “In performing its functions under the Communications Act 2015 and Communications Radio Spectrum Rules 2019, to ensure that the management of radio frequency spectrum is in a manner that is non-discriminatory and economically efficient”.

National Spectrum Plan 2021 Cover Page and Declaration

The National Spectrum Plan 2021, was developed by the Ministry of Communications, guided by the ITU technical assistance program. Local network operators were also considered and made firm contributions to the plan, as required by the regulations.

CEO for MEIDECC, Mr. Paula P. Ma’u said, “This National Spectrum Plan 2021 is a review of the Spectrum Plan 2015 draft, with reference to the ITU Region 3 international frequency allocation table and will continue to evolve in line with the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations for the Asia Pacific Region 3 from time to time, including national footnote provisions at the interest of the Kingdom”.

The National Spectrum Plan 2021 will be maintained by the Ministry in according to the regulations; and be published on its website.




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