Tofua’s VHF Radio Communication System Upgraded

31st of May, 2021 - A team of three consisting of the Director of Communication Department, Mr. ‘Alifeleti Tu’ihalamaka, Engineer, Mr. Taniela Taufa and Acting Technician Mr. Feiloaki Litili of MEIDECC upgraded Tofua’s Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio Communication System last month.

Upgraded Pole for VHF Radio Antenna, Kotu. Upgraded Pole for VHF Radio Antenna, Tofua.

Director of Communications Department Mr ‘Alifeleti Tu’ihalamaka said, “The two antenna of VHF Radio Communication Systems at Tofua and Kotu was shifted from its original location and mounted on top of the two (2) new erected nine (9) meter steel tower.”

“The towers will be able to withstand any cyclone wind up to 100 nautical mile and will allow communications between Tofua and Kotu in times of emergency. The cables and connections from the tower to the hut where the VHF radio is installed were improve.”

He noted that with the height of the two tower has clear line of sight for the VHF Radio system to be connect. Testing of the VHF Radio System has very high quality of transmitting and receiving making communication between Tofua and Kotu reliable and connected at all time.


Issued by:
Department of Communication, MEIDECC.

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