ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific - ICT and ETC Project Virtual Meeting with 8 other Member States

29th May, 2020 - ITU RO-ASP alongside eight (8) other Member States from the Pacific Island had a virtual meeting, to take stock of the ICT and Emergency Telecomms connectivity project in the region.

Thank you to all the participants for taking this opportunity to share with us the achievements and challenges that you faced in implementation and the opportunities that lie ahead.

The virtual meeting experience with our members in the Pacific region was seamless, and we were able to feel the warmth and smiles of the Pacific, even virtually.

As we continue to make the telecommunication infrastructure and services more resilient in the Pacific region, we look forward to venturing into new areas of ICT services in the region, to include more people to experience the opportunities offered by ICT technologies.

Till we meet again, stay safe and take care.

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