The 6th Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-23 (APG23-6): 14-19 August 2023, Brisbane, Australia

The 6th Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-23 (AQPG-6) was held from 14-19 August 2023 in Brisbane, Australia. The meeting was hosted by the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications, and the Arts (DITRDCA).

The APG23-6 was held physical as well as virtual/online participation through Zoom meeting platform (i.e. hybrid meeting) and the Director for Communication Department Mr. ’Alifeleti Tu’ifua Tu’ihalamaka and Mr. Willian Stan ‘Ahio represented Tonga.

Discussion and deliberation at the APG-23 were on the following:

  1. Review the result of the APG23-5
  2. Review the outcome of CPM23-2 and the 30th meeting of the RAG
  3. Finalise APT views on the WRC-23 Agenda Items based on input contributions from APT Members
  4. Develop preliminary APT Common Proposals for WRC-23 Agenda Items
  5. Review Issus related to RA-23 activities and develop APT views if any.
  6. Develop Preliminary Common Proposal for RA-23 if any.
  7. Review activities of other regional organizations, in particular, their position and common proposals with a view to fostering inter-regional cooperation
  8. Arrangement of coordination for RA-23 and WRC-23

And the following outcomes were developed at the APG23-6:

  1. Preliminary APT Common Proposals for WRC-23 Agenda Items
  2. Preliminary APT Common Proposals for RA-23
  3. APT views on WRC-23 Agenda Items and issues related to RA-23 if any
  4. Arrangement of coordination for RA-23 




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