Tonga NEWS Project: FM Retransmission System (Component 3-3) for the Niua’s.

7th July, 2022. A two day, On the Job Training (OJT) for an FM Retransmission System (Component 3-3) for the Niua’s was hosted by the Japan Radio Company Limited (JRC) at the MEIDECC Main Office on the 5th and 6th of July, 2022.

Day 1: OJT Training for General Knowledge of the System hosted by JRC for Communication team, at MEIDECC Main Office.

The main objective of this OJT is to transfer technical knowledge and skills of the operation and maintenance of the FM Retransmission System.  This is important in keeping the system, in good condition for a long period of time, periodic check/maintenance that should be carried out regularly by the MEIDECC team.

Day 1: OJT Presentation of FM Coverage for the Niua's.

This Component 3-3 is an important part of the National Early Warning System (NEWS) Project and it is targeted primarily for the Niua’s as the AM signal there is weak. However, this system will help convert the AM transmission from Tongatapu into FM signal to trigger Sirens and RAR’s already installed in the Niua’s in case of any Tsunami Warnings.

Day 2: OJT for Maintenance and Troubleshooting of System

Japanese team and a member from MEIDECC’s Communication team will depart to the Niua’s on the 12th of July, 2022 in order to complete any Adjustment & Test, OJT on-site, and Acceptance Test for this FM Retransmission System (Component 3-3).



Issued by the: Department of Communications (MEIDECC) 

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