Tonga's Post Limited to introduce a more innovative postal service

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23 February 2012. Tonga Postal Services, which used to be a division of the Revenue Services Department of the Ministry of Finance, is now established as a public enterprise known as Tonga Post Limited (TPL), starting July 1, 2008.

This is a direct result of the government's public sector reform process. The Post Office's traditional community service obligation of connecting local communities within the nation and abroad will be more engaged in commercial ventures with an aggressive customer-driven focus.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Siosifa Pomana, says this is an encouraging move for the government to allow the Post Office to review its approach to its core business and to extend the value and variety of its services and products to meet customer demands.

"With this new identity of the Postal Services, under the direction of Board of Directors, management and operation would be working together in an output driven culture and would be more transparent as community service provider entity," Mr. Pomana says.

Part of the exciting goals for the newly formed company will be to provide an inexpensive courier service both international and locally, to boost local and international interest in philately, POBox and Private Bag promotions, provide postal products such as envelopes and establish postal agencies to mention a few. It will continue to expand its current activities especially to meet the growing demand for courier services, parcels and packages. Safety and security of mail items are a priority which is now enabled through TPL's unique membership with the UPU track and trace system. Further, the company is spearheading a major national project that will map Tonga with postcodes and addresses and should be ready in the near future.

Indeed, TPL is already making major changes to its physical outlook: it only takes a visit to the post office to experience for yourself having a cup of coffee at Coffee Post while writing a letter or waiting to receive your mail. And there's more. Just visit the Nuku'alofa Post Office for it has now extended its business hours.

While the Nuku'alofa Post Office becomes the Head Office for TPL, postal services agents in the outer islands remain with the Sub-Treasuries until TPL assumes their roles and functions.

As an independent government organization, TPL relies on the sale of postage, products and services to cover its operating expenses.


Issued by the: Tonga Post Limited, Nuku'alofa, 2012. Contact: Siosifa Pomana, +676 21700.

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