Public Enterprises review Directors Performance

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30 March 2010

The objective of the workshop was to introduce a performance assessment process intended to support the ongoing development of individual board directors and boards as a whole.  This assessment process is envisioned to provide valuable feedback and information that will assist boards to be more effective and better skilled and prepared to deal with the challenges and demands of being public enterprises directors.  This workshop also contributes to the national public sector reform of adding value to the shareholder's investments through a review of board performance, to ensure that overall national goals and targets are achieved, and if not, for solutions to be developed.

The Ministry and the ADB had developed guidelines and board position descriptions that will allow boards to evaluate themselves on an annual or bi-annual basis, where boards can then identify and develop their skills and competencies, thereby helping directors to be better stewards of Government's investments.

The workshop program began with an Opening Address by the Minister for Public Enterprises, Hon. Afu'alo Matoto, where he stated that the "Ministry will do all it can to equip all directors with the necessary tools to ensure that all can perform this responsibility satisfactorily.  The Directors' Peformance Review process is one of these tools".

He also emphasized the fact that there was no one set formula of evaluation that will be suitable for every public enterprise no one prescribed process.  However, he believed that the evaluation process presented by the Ministry would be a useful base case.

The sessions were led by Mr. Christopher Russell, consultant to the Ministry under technical assistance from ADB.

The workshop took place at the Conference Room of the Revenue Services along Railway Road and attended by fifteen participants, who were board chairmen and/or one board director from public enterprises.


Issued by the: Ministry of Public Enterprises, Nuku'alofa.

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