Delivering Public Private Partnerships in Tonga

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11 Dec. 2009.
Familiarisation Workshop, 9-11th December 2009,
TNCC Ecumenical Center, Vaololoa.

The Minister of Public Enterprises, Hon ‘O Afu'alo Matoto opened the first "Delivering Public Private Partnerships in Tonga" Familiarisation Workshop on the 9th of December, 2009 at the Ecumenical Centre, Vaololoa.

The Workshop was the initiative of the Ministry of Public Enterprises and conducted with the support of the Asian Development Bank. Presentations were given by Ms. Laure Darcy, ADB Consultant and Mr. Chris Russell, Advisor to the Ministry.

Participants were invited from the public and private sectors including CEOs and Board Chairpersons of the Public Enterprises, representatives from the Government of Tonga ministries and other statutory authorities, boards and associations (Tonga Chamber of Commerce, Retirement Fund Board, National Economic Development Committee).

The one day workshop (covered in two sessions) focussed on the practical application of public private partnerships (PPP) in Tonga. The objectives of the workshop were to i)build a common understanding of PPP Concepts and possible role of PPPs in Tonga and ii) provide stakeholders a forum for discussing the requirements for successful PPPs. Key issues discussed covered potential PPP structures in the various sectors of utilities, transport, health and tourism.

Depending on the outcome and feedback from the workshop, a more detailed and focused follow up workshop will be planned for the future.

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