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3rd Update from Flood Response and Mitigation: Atenisi Area, Kolomotu’a

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01 April 2014 NEMO’s flood mitigation operation has been going continuously since 16.00 hrs yesterday (31 March) . It resumed at that time after a break on Sunday.

By 16.00 hours today (1 April), Tonga Fire Services were on their third rotation. A contingent of four NEMO staff members has also been supporting the operation since it re-commenced on Monday (31 March). Community members were also assisting.

When a NEMO officer visited the Atenisi School this afternoon, staff were delighted with lowering of the flood waters, and they expressed their appreciation for the work that was being undertaken.

By the end of the day, it is estimated that a total 3 million litres of land-locked water will have been pumped out of the Atenisi area since the beginning of the operation. NEMO proposes to continue the operation until all the residual water is removed. It anticipates the operation will run for another two days.


Issued from the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO)

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