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Tonga's ROCOM to feature inr Sweden International Tattoo 2013

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13 May 2013 Two of the most prominent and  renowned producers from the world's top Military Tattoo productions , Brigadier Melville Jameson  of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (United Kingdom) and  Mr Erick Julliard, founder and CEO of Switzerland's  Basel Tattoo were in Tonga to oversee Tonga's preparations for the 2013 Sweden International Tattoo event, to be held in late July this year.

The Tonga Defence Services' Military Band, the Royal Corps of Musicians (ROCOM) now readies itself for the upcoming world-class military spectacular , led by Lieutenant Colonel Lord Ve'ehala, Director of the ROCOM.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which started in the 1950s is one of the oldest Military parade annual event held each year.  The Tattoo is set up and run for charitable purposes, making donations to thousands of service and civilian organizations all around the country. Tonga first joined the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo in 2002, among more than 40 countries being represented at the Tattoo.

The Basel Tattoo started in 2006, has become an annual stage-arena performance in Switzerland, becoming the second largest event in terms of performers and budget after the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Swedish Military Tattoo will feature all premier military bands displays. Tonga will represent the Pacific as the only participating band from the region. The visit of Brigadier Melville Jameson and Mr.  Erick Julliard will add-value to Tonga's preparations.

The Tonga Defence Services' Royal Corps of Musicians will leave Tonga on July 12 after the Military Parade and celebrations of His Majesty's Official Birthday on July 4.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2013. May 10, 2013 For more information please contact: SSGT Kepa MAFILE'O,  Tonga Defence Services, Contact: 7789421, Work: 23099/ Ext:112

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