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Highlights from Foreign Trade Report, Third Quarter (July-September 2011)

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1. Foreign Trade Statistics for the Quarter of September, 2011 recorded a Trade Deficit of T$76.9 million. The Deficit was the result of an excess of Imports T$82.5 million over Exports (including Re-exports) T$5.6 million for the period of July, August and September 2011.

2. When compared with the Trade Deficit of T$70.4 million from last quarter (June 2011), we find an overall increase of 9.1%.
The Balance of Trade Deficit of T$76.9 million represents a 1.5% increase from the same quarter of the previous year, September 2010.

3. Major commodity classification

3.1 Largest in Imports by harmonized groups was the Mineral Products with T$21.4 million (26.0%), second was the Prepared Foodstuff with T$13.8 million (16.8%), and third was the Machinery and mechanical appliance with T$9.4 (11.4%) million. Next group was the Live Animals and animal products with T$8.2 million (10.0%) and the Base Metals and articles of base metal with T$4.9 million (5.9%). The remaining T$24.8 million was shared by the rest of the harmonized commodity groups.

3.2 Exports by harmonized commodity groups reported the Vegetable Products as the highest group with T$2.4 million (51.5%), next was the Live Animals and animal products with T$1.8 million (37.5%), Base metals with T$0.2 million (3.8%) and the Products of the chemical allied with T$0.1 million (2.1%). The remaining T$0.2 million was shared by the rest of the harmonized commodity groups.

4. Principal items of trade;

4.1 Principal items of imports were Distillate fuels with T$10.7 million, meat and edible offal was T$4 million, unleaded petrol was T$4.8 million, Jet fuel and Kerosene for use as fuel in aircraft with T$2.7, and wheat and meslin flour with T$2 million.

4.2 Principal items of exports were sandal wood with T$1.3 million, Fish fresh or chilled with T$0.7 million, Ground Kava with T$0.3 million, and manioc together with yam and brown coconut with T$0.1 million each.

5. Direction of trade

5.1 Imports for September Quarter 2011 were mainly from New Zealand with T$21.5 million (26.1%); Singapore were T$19.1 million (23.2%); United States of America with T$8.9million (10.8%), Fiji were T$8.7 million (10.6%); China with T$6.9 million (7.3%); and T$18 million (22%) shared amongst other countries.

5.2 Exports were mainly to China with T$1.6 million (34.5%), New Zealand with T$1.1 million (23.5%), Fiji with T$0.6 million (12.4%), United States with T$0.6 million (12.3%) and T$0.8million (17.3%) were shared amongst other countries.

6. The Statistics presented have been compiled from import, export and re-export entries submitted by importers and exporters or their authorised agents to the Customs Division as required by the Customs Act and Regulations.

7. Detailed information concerning this release is available at the STATISTICS DEPARTMENT, Tonga, TMF Building, Taufa'ahau Road, Nuku'alofa, or visit our website www.spc.int/prism/tonga/


Issued by: The Statistics Department, P.O. Box 149, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga.
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