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e-Waste Tonga: Keep Tonga Free

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E-waste Tonga: Keep Tonga Free

18 August, 2010. E-Waste Tonga launched it's project to keep Tonga free of hazardous materials. E-Waste joined up with Digicel at the Fair market at Tuimatamoana market last Saturday 14, to mark the launching of this non-profit project with fun activities, live music and songs performed by contestants in the Digicel Star-Idols, and drawing competitions for kids to win several prizes.

Winners in three categories for Colleges, business and Individuals will be announced later and awarded their respective prizes. Takuilau College is said to have brough in 1,000 kilograms of e-waste as their entry for the competition.

On stage too were a pile of electronic-waste on display to remind everyone of the obsolete and broken down TV screens, computers, cameras, copiers scanners, refrigerators, sewing machine, electric frying pans and other utensils and anything that runs on electricity. People are asked to call 28910 and the E-Waste team will help you remove your e-waste for safe disposal or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information on the the 40 or so toxins that are part of this electronic waste.

Such waste can not be dumped at the Tapuhia Rubbish site for the toxic chemicals can leached out to the water, air and environment. You can take it to the Gio Recycling at Tupoulahi Road at Fasi where they buy it from you for 10 seniti a kilo. The e-waste will be shipped overseas for safe dismantling and
separating the toxins for safe disposal.

About 38 chamicals and metals are present in most e-waste products and the most common include

Lead - found in computer and TV monitors and circuit boards. Short term exposure to high levels of lead causes vomiting, diarrhea, coma or even death. It is poisonous to the nervous system, particularly to young children.

Mercury ; a neurotoxin poisonours to the community and our food sources, found in Flat-panel display screens, causing liver damage, chest pain, affect the the central nervous system (including psychotic reactions), violent muscular spasms, loss of memory and depression along with many other serious side effects.
Cadmium ; a known cancer-causing heavy metal, found in batteries and circuit boards, is highly toxic and contaminate water and food supplies and is a known to cause cancer. Many countrie have banned it's use in electronics due to high level of danger it presents to people and environment.
PVC ; releases chlorionated dioxins and furans when incinerated, found in plastic casings and insulation on wires. When burned the plastrics produces large quantities of hydrogen chloride gas. Combined with water, it forms hydrochloric acid which causes respiratory problems when inhaled.

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