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Community netball and rugby festival mobilizes sports for health

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20 January 2012

A Community Sport program to launch the first national district rugby and netball festival in Tonga was officially opened by the Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano today.

In promoting the initiatives to enjoy sports for health, the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth & Sports jointly organized the events with Tonga Health, Tonga Rugby Union Authority and Tonga Netball Association, to take place during the week from January 12-20.

The national netball festival held tournaments in the Kingdom for Under 13,14,15 & 16  over the week. Likewise for the rugby tournaments, there were games for Under 13.14.15 and 16.

This tournament desired to participate all outer islands teams from ‘Eua, Ha'apai and Vava'u.

Officials believed that this is an opportunity for players to confirm their places for the national team selection of teams for upcoming regional and international tournaments that Tonga partake on.

Although the results showed Tongatapu dominated the games, Vava'u and Ha'apai have shown great improvement with making it to the finals and their performances proven to the other teams they were here for a challenge.

Prizes were awarded to each winning teams with prizes sponsored by Tonga Health.

The Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth & Sports have released the results and awards list for each tournament.


NETBALL, Individual Awards

Best shooter for each Grade - Prize $50 each

U/13     Mele Liongitau     Vahe Kolomotu'a             $50
U/14     Lolohea Funaki    Vahe Hihifo                    $50
U/15     Suliana Mafi        Vahe Kolomotu'a            $50
U/16     Lasini Fifita          Vahe Kolomotu'a            $50

Best Netball Player For each Grade - Prize Scholarship school Fees $250 each

U/13      Fololenisi Havili     Vahe Kolofo'ou    $250    ‘Apifo'ou
U14       Losaline Fe'ao        ‘Eua                  $250
U/15      Suliana Ha'apai      Ha'apai              $250    Ha'apai High School
U/16      Sesima Funaki       Vahe Hihifo        $250

RUGBY, Individual Awards

Best Goal Kicker for each Grade  - Prize $50 each

U/13     Kilisimasi Tu'ipulotu   Vaheloto           $50
U/14     Loketi Manu             Niua                 $50
U/15     Lamipeti Havea        Kolomotu'a        $50
U/16     Viliami Langi            Vaheloto            $50

Best Forward Player $ BEST Back Player for each Grade - Prize, Scholarship School Fees $250 Each.

U/13  BEST FORWARD      Sam Toloke(No.8)       Vaheloto   $250
U13  BEST BACK              Suliasi ‘Ofa(No. 15)      Vava'u     $250

U/14  BEST FORWARD      Feinga Faka'ii (No. 7)    Vava'u   $250
U/14   BEST BACK            Loketi Manu(No. 15)       Niua      $250

U/15  BEST FORWARD     Siua Havea(No.7)                  ‘Eua        $250      Liahona
U15  BEST BACK              Patelesio ‘One'one(No. 10)     Vava'u     $250

U/16  BEST FORWARD    Mafile'o Finau (No. 8)     Ha'apai    $250    ‘Atele
U/16   BEST BACK           Viliami Langi(No. 10)     Vaheloto   $250    Liahona

Overall Best player for Outer Islands - Prize Scholarship Fees $250each


  • Vava'u Petisi Manuofetoa     $250        Vava'u HighSchool
  • Ha'apai Toetu'u Latu            $250        Taufa'ahau mo Pilolevu
  • ‘Eua Kaufusi Mo'unga          $250        ‘Eua High


  • Niua Saminosni Taukei'aho  Yr 14         $250        Tonga High
  • ‘Eua Talakai ‘Aholelei          Yr 16         $250       Hofangahau
  • Ha'apai So'afa ‘Otuvaka      Yr 13         $250       Sosefo
  • Vava'u Tu'uta Vaiaku          Yr 16          $250       Vava'u High

Trophies and Cash Prizes



1st Vahe Kolomotu'a            Trophy Plus $500
2nd Kolofo'ou                      $400
3rd Vava'u                         $300


1st Vahe Hihifo                Trophy Plus $500
2nd Ha'apai                      $400
3rd ‘Eua                          $300


1st Vahe Kolomotu'a             Trophy Plus $500
2nd Vahe Hihifo                    $400
3rd Vahe Kolomotu'a             $300


1st Vahe Kolomotu'a             Trophy Plus $500
2nd Vahe Hihifo                     $400
3rd Vahe Kolofo'ou                 $300


1st Vahe Kolomotu'a             Trophy Plus $500
2nd Vahe Hihifo                    $400
3rd Vahe Kolofo'ou                $300



1st Vava'u                           Trophy Plus $700
2nd Vaheloto                         $600
3rd Kolomotu'a                      $500


1st Niua                                  Trophy Plus $700
2nd Kolomotu'a                        $600
3rd ‘Eua                                  $500


1st Vaheloto                            Trophy Plus $700
2nd Vava'u                              $600
3rd Hihifo                                 $500


1st Kolomotu'a                        Trophy Plus $700
2nd Hihifo                               $600
3rd Vava'u                              $500


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