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Ministry of Internal Affairs - Employment, Youth,


The Tonga Services Employment Centre oversees matters relating to the national employment and is responsible for various key result areas including the following at present;

  1. Industry Relation
  2. Training and Placement
  3. Employment Referral and Agency
  4. Job Seeker's registration
  5. Labour Market Research


Aim : To support youth development by enhancing opportunities in sports, training and employment.

MOTEYS encourages and supports a comprehensive approach to youth development, by working together with a range of organizations and services in Tonga which address other areas of development, such as health and community service.

National Youth Strategy :
The work undertaken by MOTEYS is guided by the National Youth Strategy, which aims to improve the quality of life of young people by fostering an empowering environment that promotes employment creation, skills development, healthy living, community service and mainstreaming youth participation in development. MOTEYS hopes to achieve this goal by working in a collaborative manner with all youth stakeholders in Tonga, by engaging with youth, and by supporting research and best practice approaches.

1. Youth Stakeholder Forum:
The National Youth Stakeholder forum is a collaborative approach to the activities undertaken by a range of organizations in the youth development field in Tonga. The forum includes government and non-government organizations, youth specific organizations, and organizations focusing on broader community development goals. The National Youth Stakeholder forum currently meets on an ad hoc basis, for the purposes of specific projects.

The National Youth Stakeholder forum is recognized as an important tool to ensure that communication and collaboration occurs between all stakeholders in the youth development arena. The forum provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute their unique skills and knowledge to community development approaches, therefore increasing the likely successful outcome of youth projects.

2. Camp Glow

3. Micro Business Enterprise
Micro Business enterprise is recognized as an effective mechanism to support community development, and provide opportunities for income generation and employment. Since its formation in 2007, the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports has worked to encourage the participation of young Tongans in micro-business enterprise. From 2007 to 2009, the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports worked with the Asian Development Bank to undertake a survey of youth in Tonga regarding their desire and ability to participate in micro-business enterprise. The findings of the survey indicate that educating youth about financial literacy is a crucial to support youth in developing enterprises. Further to the survey, the report recommends a cross-sector approach to micro-business enterprise.
The Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports is working towards achieving the recommendations of this report, through the provision of financial literacy training and business proposal training. In addition the Ministry is actively working with a range of organizations in Tonga to support a collaborative approach to micro business enterprise development.

4. International Youth Day
International Youth Day is an annual event coordinated by the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports to celebrate the vast contribution of youth to the community of Tonga. In 2010 the theme for International Youth Day was a Dialogue and mutual understanding. A range of speakers were present on the day, including; The Women's and Children's Crisis Centre, The Community Police, and The Ministry of Justice. A large community presence listened to the presentations and enjoyed the festivities throughout the day. Many young Tongans and youth groups displayed their skills and talents with a range of singing and dance acts throughout the day.

5. Registration of youth groups
The Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports is currently asking youth and all organized youth groups in Tonga to register their contact details with the Ministry. The information will be used to create a database, which will be used to send information and updates about the events and activities being undertaken by the Ministry for young people. The Ministry is hoping to work closely with youth in Tonga to increase youth involvement in all projects undertaken by the Ministry. In addition the Ministry aims to provide information about employment, training and scholarship opportunities to all youth and youth organizations registered on the database.

6. Career Pathways
The Ministry is currently working to develop a careers pathway manual for youth in Tongatapu. The manual will contain information about education, training and employment opportunities available to young people in the Kingdom of Tonga and the Pacific Region. The manual is expected to be finalized and published in June 2011.

Sport Development continues to be a priority for MOTEYS.

1. Sports Development
There is a special focus here on skills development, infrastructural development, access and participation



Hon. 'Akosita Havili Lavulavu - Minister for Internal Affairs - Employment, Youth and Sports

Mr. 'Onetoto 'Anisi (Acting) - CEO for Internal Affairs - Employment, Youth and Sports



Tel: (676) 28 976  Fax: (676) 23 671

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