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Education & Training (MOET)

The Ministry of education and Training is responsible for the administration of the education system and for the improvement of women. It wishes to foster a policy environment in which teachers can operate effectively, and where students can participate and achieve to a high standard. It also ensures that the education system is able to respond quickly and effectively to social and economic trends as they emerge, and can meet the diverse needs of different communities, employers, and the wider society. Its role is to empower other people through its leadership, support of the infrastructure, and through its assistance of those who are at risk of underachievement.

MET's priority in the medium to longer term will be to improve education and enhance institutional mechanism to advance women‟s affairs by strengthening its own capability and effectiveness. Improved internal systems will be needed and better relationships with the wider education sector. The focus will be placed upon: educational outcomes, policy advice and implementation, resource delivery, monitoring and accountability, local empowerment, and fostering effective strategic relationships.


Principal Legislations:
Education Act 1974, (Chapter 86) Sports Council Act 1989 Education Regulation (2002)
New Legislation: Tonga National Qualification and Accreditation Act: 08 September 2004

The legal mandate of the Ministry of Education derives from the Education Act 1974. The Ministry of Education is structured in accordance with the functions approved by the Minister of Education under the powers conferred on him by the Education Act 1974 and sets out its functions as follows;

- To ensure the country is provided with skilled and competent manpower needed for sustainable development;
- To provide policy advice to the Government on primary, secondary and post-secondary education as well as future directions to meet challenges of the 21st Century;
- To ensure the effective, efficient, and equitable implementation of the Education Act and other Government policies.


Hon. Penisimani 'Epenisa Fifita -  Minister for Education & Training

Mr. Claude Tupou - Acting CEO of Education & Training



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Tupou College targets 2 million for 145th Anniversary

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21 June 2011. The commemoration of the 145th Anniversary of Tonga's Methodist boys' boarding school, Tupou College has drawn tens of thousands of ex-students from all over Tonga and abroad.

The celebration kicked off with a marching of the old boys' on the streets of Nuku'alofa, led by His Serene Highness Prince Tungi, and the Hon. ‘Etani.  The Free Wesleyan Church President, Rev. Dr. ‘Ahio and fellow clergymen Rev. Dr. ‘Alifeleti Mone and Rev. Liufau Saulala also joined thousands of ex-students in the marching.

The school is proud of its heritage and success over the years. Most notably, it has prepared Tonga's alumni who became Prime Ministers, Ministers of the Crown, Parliamentarians including sportsmen, clergymen, and respected members of society. The school was attended by six of Tonga's Prime Ministers including His Late Majesty King George Tupou IV.

The celebration also coincides with the Annual Free Wesleyan Church Conference that also begins today June 21-29 in Nuku'alofa.

The official thanksgiving prayer service to mark the school's anniversary will be held on Saturday 25 at Toloa with the process conducted by the first Tongan principal of the school, Rev. Siupeli Taliai.

It is expected that the celebrations will continue with feasting, entertainment and fundraising at Toloa, to which the Old Boys hope to raise the bar from 1 million last year to 2 million.

Toloa is Tonga's oldest secondary school established in 1866, by James Egan Moulton and claims to be the oldest secondary school in the Pacific.

The College has a campus, on which crops of vegetables and fruit are grown.

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