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Legislative by-election 2012 for a Representative of the Nobles for the Electoral District of ‘Eua

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25 July, 2012. | Tongan | The Acting Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on 18th July 2012 issued the Writ of Election for the election of one member to sit and vote in the Legislative Assembly as a Representative of the Nobles for the Electoral District of ‘Eua, following the revocation of Hon. Lasike.

This By-Election will be held on Thursday 02 August 2012 between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00noon at the followingplaces:  



King revokes Speaker's Parliamentary appointment

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17 July 2012. His Majesty King Tupou VI under Clause 61(2) (c) of the Constitution has revoked Lord Lasike's appointment as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga effective immediately.

This was conveyed in a letter to Havea Hikule'o Tu'uhetoka on the 17th of July 2012. The letter advised Havea Hikule'o Tu'uhetoka that as a consequence of his Conviction on 9 July 2012 by the Supreme Court of an offence under section 4(2)(b) of the Arms and Ammunition Act which is an offence punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years.

Under Clause 23 of the Constitution the decision was effective from the date of his conviction and he is no longer an elected representative to the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.


Issued by the: Office of the Legislative Assembly, Tongan Parliament, Nuku'alofa, July 2012.



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The 7 Legislative Assembly of Tonga 2011 Committee and members.

Standing Committe on Finance and Public Accounts

1. Lord Lasike
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Vaea
4. Lord Fakafanua
5. Hon. Sunia Fili
6. Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva
7. Hon. 'Uliti Uata
8. Dr. Sitiveni Halapua
9. 'Aisake Eke (Chair)
10. Mo'ale Finau
11. Auditor General

Standing Committee on Legislation

1. Lord Lasike
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Tu'iha'ateiho
4. Samiu Vaipulu (Chair)
5. Hon. Dr. 'Ana Taufe'ulungaki
6. Hon. William Edwards
7. Hon. 'Isileli Pulu
8. Sione Taione
9. Semisi Tapueluelu
10. Siosifa Tu'utafaiva

Standing Committee on Social Services

1. Lord Lasike
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Tu'ilakepa
4. Hon. Dr. 'Ana Taufe'ulungaki (Chair)
5. Hon. Fe'aomoeata Vakata
6. Dr. Sitiveni Halapua
7. Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva
8. Mo'ale Finau
9. Falisi Tupou

Standing Committee on Business

1. Lord Lasike (Chair)
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Tu'ivakano
4. Lord Tu'iha'ateiho
5. Lord Fusitu'a
6. Hon. Lisiate 'Akolo
7. Hon. Dr. Viliami Latu
8. Mo'ale Finau
9. Sione Taione

Standing Committee on Environment and Climate Change

1. Lord Lasike
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Ma'afu(Chair)
4. Lord Vaea
5. Lord Tu'ilakepa
6. Lord Fakafanua
7. Hon. Fe'aomoeata Vakata
8. Falisi Tupou
9. Semisi Sika

Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade

1. Lord Lasike
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Ma'afu
4. Hon. 'Isileli Pulu
5. Hon. Lisiate 'Akolo (Chair)
6. Hon. Dr. Viliami Latu
7. 'Aisake Eke
8. Sione Sangstar Saulala
9. Semisi Tapueluelu

Standing Committee on Privileges

1. Lord Lasike (Chair)
2. Lord Tu'iafitu
3. Lord Fusitu'a
4. Hon. Samiu Vaipulu
5. Hon. William Edwards
6. Hon. Sunia Fili
7. Siosifa Tu'utafaiva
8. Hon. 'Uliti Uata
9. Semisi Sika


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa 2011.


Parliament closes 2011 session

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Parliament of Tonga closes session for 2011.

20 October 2011

The Legislative Assembly of Tonga will officially close the formal business of Parliament today, and concluding a four-month session of the House, since its last State Opening on June 2.

The Closing of Parliament this year, will not have the usual ceremonial procession of His Majesty The King from the Royal Palace to the House, and parade of school children, instead its closing ceremony will be a soft session to wrap up this parliamentary calendar.

Every year, the Address from the Throne, normally delivered by His Majesty King George Tupou V who graciously honours the State Opening and Closing of Parliament,  will be read out by Their Lordships, the Lord Vaea,  Lord Ma'afu Tukui'aulahi and Lord Fakafanua, in the presence of the Lord Speaker and Members of the House.

The Speech from the Throne set s forth some detail of the government's view of the condition that the country was in since the last session and an indication of what bills it successfully brought forward. Furthermore, the Speech will also outline the Government's proposed policies and legislation for the coming session.

This year, has seen the first parliamentary session for the newly democratic elected government since January 2011.  Among the recent achievements of the House have been the passing of bills for amending the Remuneration Authority, the Retirement Fund Board and legislation for the Appropriation of Money.

During this parliamentary session, a new Member of Parliament, Mr Falisi Tupou of Tatakamotonga was re-elected by writ of elections as new People's Representative for the Tongatapu 9 constituency to replace a seat vacated by Mr Kaveinga Fa'anunu who died from a terminal illness, while still serving in office.

It is scheduled that The House may reopen its next session early next year in February 2012.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2011.

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 October 2011 15:44 )

MPs will not get overtime

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14 October 2011

MPs no longer get TOP$96 overtime per hour instead they get TOP$40 meeting fees when they convene for any Parliament Standing Committee.

The Hon. Finance and Inland Revenue Minister  Sunia Fili revealed this in Parliament  on Tuesday.

This is in response to a question  by Tongatapu 8 MP Sione Taione whether reports by  Taimi ‘o Tonga's newspaper is true that politicians are making the most while in Parliament.

Hon. Fili said in the old policy, MPs get TOP$96 per day when they work overtime up to two hours and additional hours are charged further TOP$96.

However he adds  after considerable consideration the Finance and Public Accounts Standing Committee amended the policy and endorsed a meeting fee of TOP$50 instead.

"The public needs to know that we have cut the overtime pay and making it TOP$50 per meeting fee. So  after taking the pay as you earn - PAYE, MPs get TOP$40 in an hourly basis," explained Hon. Fili.

He said this is nothing compared to statutory board's meeting fees that starts from TOP$60 up to TOP$90

Tongatapu 8 MP told the House, if the media report is unfounded the House should do something about it.

In response to this  the Speaker of Parliament Lord Lasike said  he had directed the Clerk of the House to write to the newspaper to retract their news report and to also make a public apology to the Legislative Assembly for the inaccurate information it carries.

Lord Lasike also informed the House that if no action taken by the Taimi ‘o Tonga newspaper then Parliament will seek legal action.

"They should correct their news report because it is inaccurate and misleading information," explained the Hon. Speaker.


Issued by the: Tonga Parliament, Nuku'alofa, 2011. www.parliament.gov.to

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