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Management of telecommunications services applications

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8 December 2010  Recognizing the crucial importance of managing communications licenses for telecommunications services is a core responsibility of the Department of Communications of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Tonga's regulator of ICT services.

Applications for radio and telecommunications licenses, frequency distribution and assignment renewals and examinations demands a thorough and well-structured file management for documenting these customers applications and information. In the past year, an increasing inflow of prospective TV and radio business outlets applied for communications licenses, not to mention ship, taxi and all other private handheld radio telecommunications devices that made up the large customer base.

The Ministry's ICT Consultant, Mr. Hiromichi Suzuki, emphasizes the importance of enabling ICT for better delivery of government services, sought the help of fellow JICA volunteer Ms Hitomi Kobayashi, who currently is a database administrator at the Ministry of Public Enterprises, to engage in developing a database system for the management of communications licenses and applications within the Ministry.

The purpose of the project was to develop a radio frequency user information database which will promote a more effective and efficient system for management of ship radio applications, amateur radio networks such as mobile base and broadcast stations applications.

The new system will manage customer relationships, communications license and radio rate income packages, alleviating issues with frequency registrations duplicates, and difficulties in tracking customer information and licenses status and assignments.

The Ministry of Information and Communications, once again is pleased to extend its gratitude to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for its continued efforts in assisting and contributing to the Ministry's e-government and portal projects.

Ms Kobayashi said that, "I am glad to make use of the experience of the database and to contribute to the Ministry's ICT project despite a very short time"

"I am also happy for the opportunity to work with Mr. Suzuki and the other members of this Ministry."

JICA volunteer Hitomi Kobayashi is due to complete her 6 months attachment in Tonga on December 13 before returning to Japan. The Ministry is very pleased that Ms. Kobayashi has given her valuable time to help the Ministry despite her busy schedule with the Ministry of Public Enterprise.

The Ministry also proposes a new Radio application download service and database system project to commence early next year.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2010.

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