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Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu'ivakano's Speech on Australia's Day Celebrations

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21 Friday, 2011.

Statement made by the Honourable Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano during a reception held at the High Commissioner's Residence to mark Australia's National Day in Tonga. (6 pm. Aust High Com Residence, Vuna Rd., Friday 21st. January 2010.)

Your Royal Highness, the Princess Regent, Noble of the realms, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Your Excellency, Mr.Donald Roth , High Commissioner for Australia. It is my great pleasure, this evening to thank you on behalf of the Government and the People of Tonga, for inviting us here to the Residence this evening, to celebrate with you and your Australian members of our community, "Australia's Day 2011".

May I also take this opportunity to give a special and official welcome and to express my congratulations to your Excellency as you now take on officially your appointment in Tonga as Australia's High Commissioner. I am aware that on Australia Day, Australians the world over get together to celebrate and reflect on a national spirit of Australia and her people and the extraordinary achievement and what Australia has now become both nationally and internationally.

In Tonga, we the people join with you in celebrating Australia Day and particularly to acknowledge the Australian People and Government's spirit of generosity and selflessness  way they encounter the needs of their less advantaged neighbors in the region and particularly Tonga.

The friendship between our governments is moving towards its 41st year of Diplomatic Relations and it is notable that our peoples have already forged a very strong relationship amongst themselves with many Tongans forming communities in Australia and embracing the Australian way of life.

And although on a smaller scale, we in Tonga witness an expanding Australian community within the Kingdom. This bond between our peoples is a very important aspect of our relations with Australia. The fact that their exist are genuine and loyal relationships which extends way beyond the sometime rigid and formal structure of Diplomatic relations. This friendship is indeed a tribute to the open and friendly nature that Australians are famous for, throughout the world.

The Australian government has been very open handed with the assistance that she has given to Tongans and the Kingdom throughout the many

generations of our two governments' friendships. Currently, Tonga has in place a bilateral AID agreement, Tonga Australia Pacific Partnership for Development which has been pivotal in expanding in this New Millennium to all echelons  of our Tongan society, financial and technical assistance.

The list of bilateral AID programs for Tonga which fall under this agreement is long but I would like to make special mention of the Development AIDS programs that had been taking place in Community Development, Health Programs, Education and Tongan Businesses. It is also notable that despite the formal Aid negotiated between our two governments, Australia has always been one of the first countries to come to our assistance in time of immediate crisis and urgency. I specifically refer that the tsunami which had struck the Niuas in 2009, it was touching to note,  how fast the Australian Government's offer and immediate support to our cause.

As we embark on the second decade of the New Millennium, Tonga takes its first step on a historical road to Political Transition to a more Democratic form of Government. It is significant that I mention today the Australian Aid which has been instrumental in getting us this starting point. Australia provided experts to share their knowledge and expertise in advising us on the Legislative and Administrative procedures regard for this Political change.

We were particularly pleased that the Government of Australia accepted our invitation to provide an Election Observer on a chain crew small witness to the Pacific Region and International Community of the peaceful and orderly Elections of Tonga in November, 2010.

So on behalf of the Government and the People of Tonga, I thank the Australian High Commissioner and his staff for inviting us all here today to celebrate Australia's National Day and wishes them all a very Happy Australia Day.

Your Royal Highness, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I ask you all to please raise your glasses with me as I propose a celebrity toast on Australia Day 2011 to Australia's Head of State, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia......... (end with Australia's National Anthem !!! )


(Issued by the Ministry of Information & Communication, FWC Fasi, Salote Road, Nuku'alofa. 2011.

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